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Senior healthcare jobs dominate the rating of the UK’s absolute top paid experts as we head into 2022, per figures launched by job scenario, Certainly.

Certainly analysed a complete bunch of hundreds of elephantine-time vacancies marketed on its platform to pinpoint which offer the absolute top average annual wage.

Tax confederate tops the rating of 2021’s absolute top paid jobs, rising from 2nd in 2020’s listing, with an average annual wage of £124,000. (20) appropriate three of this 300 and sixty 5 days’s top 20 absolute top paid jobs expose an average wage of over £100,000, when when put subsequent with the 11 roles which paid six figures in 2020.

Chief financial officers, who’re accountable for managing a agency’s financial planning and reporting, private risen from sixth to 2nd blueprint, typically incomes a six-resolve wage of £112,500 on average.

The 2021 rating is dominated by senior healthcare jobs, which made up seven positions within the cease 20 last 300 and sixty 5 days nonetheless yarn for 12 of the cease 20 spots (60%) this time. The shortage of candidates with the skills, expertise and expertise wished to acquire such specialist, senior roles drives up salaries as employers compete for among the many best talent.

Consultant dermatologists, who specialise within the prognosis and drugs of pores and pores and skin, hair and nail conditions, are the absolute top paid experts within the healthcare sector this 300 and sixty 5 days.

A great deal of professions in 2021’s top 20 rating come from the engineering and tech sectors.

The absolute top paying jobs in 2021

  1. Tax confederate – average wage £124,000
    2. Head of product sales – average wage £116,000
    3. Chief financial officer – average wage £112,500
    4. Consultant dermatologist – average wage £100,000
    5. Vice president of engineering – average wage £99,300
    6. Ophthalmologist – average wage £98,000
    7. Vascular surgeon – average wage £97,000
    8. Nephrologist – average wage £96,700
    9. Consultant paediatrician – average wage £96,100
    10. Neonatologist – average wage £96,000
    11. Locum information – average wage £95,700
    12. Anaesthesiologist – average wage £95,600
    13. Consultant oncologist – average wage £95,300
    14. Rheumatologist – average wage £94,700
    15. Chief expertise officer – average wage £93,400
    16. Litigation confederate – average wage £93,300
    17. Plastic surgeon – average wage £93,000
    18. Orthodontist – average wage £92,800
    19. Director of analytics – £92,700
    20. Director of product administration – average wage £91,900

    Jack Kennedy, economist on the realm job scenario Certainly, feedback: “Salary is a method of recognising the speed and significance of a job to an organisation or to society as a complete and it’s inspiring that loads of the very absolute top paid jobs are specialist healthcare ones.

“Despite the indeniable fact that healthcare dominates the very absolute top paying jobs, the roles commanding the best salaries within the nation – tax confederate, head of product sales and chief financial officer – mediate excessive pay for these steering organisations’ financial effectivity, navigating by way of a virulent sickness through which some companies private flourished.

“Whereas our desk of absolute top paid jobs is elephantine of positions that require years of expertise and broad practising it’s foremost to remember that as effectively they elevate the burden of making foremost – in some instances life and lack of life – decisions, which is ready to influence the course of an organisation as correctly as its staff.”

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