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Junko Tachibana – “JT” to her legions of followers – is among the world’s finest cosplayers. Her superb replicas of costumes from Japanese animation, motion pictures, video video games and popular culture have made her an up-and-coming star on the conference circuit, and tonight considered one of her sponsors has given away a one-hour chat as first prize within the “JT’s Biggest Fan!” contest. But the person who’s received is not what she’s anticipating in any respect. He calls himself Hiddendepths, and JT quickly learns that his chat deal with is totally correct. Before she is aware of what’s taking place, she’s change into a real-life anime lady, and even when her costume comes off, she stays in character. No matter how attractive the story will get! (Erotic Mind Control, Maledom, Hypnosis / Erotic Hypnosis, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Cosplay)

Price: $ 2.99
Sold by Walmart eBooks by Rakuten Kobo

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