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male Pine warbler checking me out

Check out these Video Contest photos:

male Pine warbler checking me out
Video Contest
Image by Vicki’s Nature
I used to be capturing some flowers on the deck when considered one of our Pine warblers got here right down to eat and examine me out – permitting for some shut photographs. They’re very tame. Yesterday at 4pm I used to be in the suitable place to observe 1,100 extra Sandhill cranes go over! A birder pal was ready for them just a few miles to the north however few confirmed up … which implies they had been heading for the subsequent huge roosting space in Hiwassee, Tennessee earlier than darkish.

For frog followers: here is a video of Spring peepers & S leopard frogs outdoing the refrain frogs. I additionally heard foty American toads (a excessive whistle) and located their eggs:

I’m purported to be in a sling from my fall however I’m not being affected person. Happy Feathery Friday!

Winner, Faves, 10-29 faves, 3-14
Winner, Pre-game, Yellow, 3-14
Winner, Game, Yellow, 4-14
Winner, Game, gamex2, 5-14
Winner (Sweep), Game, gamex3, 5-14
Winner, Storybook, Anything goes, 6-14
Winner, Big Momma, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, Yellow, 6-14
Winner (Sweep), Storybook, Through the Woods, 7-14
Winner, Grandmother, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, 10-14
Winner (Bronze), Foto competitors, Yellow, 12-14

Repeat for the Pocket Wizard Strobist Contest
Video Contest
Image by Stephen Poff
Explored! #34

This is a repeat of this shot that I did some time again. I made a video for the Pocket Wizard/Strobist contest to explain the method.

See the video on YouTube!

Strobist information: Canon 430ex straight behind me with a Gary Fong lightsphere and an SP studios strobe behind me at digital camera left with an orange gel. The gentle streaks are a blue led gentle and a maglight with a pink gel.

Shout Out!!!

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