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Tistalents is owned by Tamfitronics, and is geared toward linking individuals throughout  the world with various expertise and improvements to collaborate successfully.
Most conveniently we work for ourselves moderately than keep caught on the planet sport of working for others our complete lives. But we are sometimes restricted by sponsorship (pecuniary constraint) and don’t nurture our inherent skills to maneuver previous the conventional; past the work-for, and seek-for-employment paradigm.

 This platform is certainly  a paradigm shift  for all women and gents that may change your lives from rag to riches. It is straightforward; register to take part;

showcase your talents and skills, or  hire someone or a gaggle with the talent you require in your mission(s).
If you might be equally gifted in any discipline please

showcase your talents here for individuals to rent you. You ought to   contest/participate  by exhibiting off an indication of your talent for simple hiring or video showcase here.

You ought to solely take part within the discipline/classes wherein you might be very a lot expert, as indicated in classes; picture, video, article, search engine optimization, laptop, electrical, make-up, automobile (auto) repairs, development,  and many others. Invite mates to vote in your work so you may transfer up the extent, and so they can also take part.

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About Us: Professional Services- What you need individuals to do for you

You can begin right here to post a task. That is what you  WANT individuals to do for you, or a mission you need to execute.

Tasks equivalent to Building Design, search engine marketing Traffic, Articles, Photo , Video Production, Business Plans, Programming, and many others. that you just  want the providers of different consultants.  Follow the directions on the shape and enter particulars as required.

About Us: Buy or Sell Services

You can begin right here to post a service. That is what YOU CAN DO for individuals to pay for, or what you need to promote to individuals, merely put. Services equivalent to Building Design, search engine marketing Traffic, Articles, Photo , Video Production, to say a couple of. Follow the directions on the shape and enter particulars as required.

You may bid for  tasks or duties and win bid to execute a mission or render providers primarily based on the duty request in case you win the bid.

About Us: Discover your skills

You are but to find your skills. You can not let you know subsequent door neighbour doesn’t know you posses such expertise or talent. Let them know right here.

Tistalents is a platform that allows individuals to identify and discover their skills. By participating in various assessments and activities, users can gain a better understanding of their strengths and talents. This can be particularly helpful for those who are unsure of their career path or are looking to further develop their existing skills.

Tistalents offers a range of resources and tools to help individuals explore their abilities. These include:

1. Skills assessment: Users can take online assessments that evaluate their proficiency in different areas such as problem-solving, communication, leadership, creativity, and more. These assessments provide valuable insights into an individual’s natural talents and aptitudes.

2. Personality tests: Tistalents offers personality tests that help individuals understand their unique traits, preferences, and working styles. This knowledge can be used to make informed decisions about career choices and team dynamics.

3. Career exploration: The platform provides information on various careers, industries, and job roles. Users can explore different options and gain insights into the skills and qualifications required for each profession.

4. Training and development: Tistalents offers a range of online courses and learning resources designed to help individuals enhance their skills. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, and more.

5. Peer feedback and networking: Tistalents allows users to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange feedback, and collaborate on projects. This network can be a valuable resource for gaining insights and learning from others with similar skillsets.

Overall, Tistalents provides a comprehensive platform for individuals to explore and develop their skills. By utilizing the resources and tools available, users can gain valuable insights into their abilities and make informed decisions about their career paths.