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Resumes (CVs) are the way to sell yourself in the job market. A poor CV does not mean you are not experienced or not qualified enough. One with a sound professionally prepared CV may be called for...
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I will create ugc videos to promote your brand
Modeling & Acting *Do not order gig without speaking with me first, Thankyou!* Hi, My name is Lydia. I am based in the UK. I will create an organic and sale-driven video for your brand. I have...
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I will be your book editor and proofreader
This Gig's Details Hi, My name is Tamunofiniarisa Brown. An experienced writer, editor, and proofreader. You may feel assured that your book will be properly line-edited by me, as I've edited...
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Bring all your electronics and electrical problems for solutions
I will help solve electrical and electronics-related tasks. Solve any electrical/electronics-related problems in three to seven days+PDF+DOCX+Source file. These include but are not limited to...
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