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Greg Joswiak talks Steve Jobs keynotes, ‘Shot on iPhone’ event, and more in new interview [Video]

Greg Joswiak talks Steve Jobs keynotes, ‘Shot on iPhone’ event, and more in new interview [Video]

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, recently sat down with Thai outlet iMod for an interview. In the video posted on YouTube, Josiwak talks about Apple’s decision to shoot an entire event with an iPhone, how the company works with creative and pro users, Steve Jobs keynotes, and more.

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In the interview, Joswiak recounts some of the things he learned from his time working alongside Steve Jobs:

One of the things that always sticks out in my mind, if you remember some of the Steve Jobs keynotes, he used to talk about, and he’d show signposts, the intersection of technology and liberal arts. And he explained that Apple was at that intersection. It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. That it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities.

And he would tell us this for years. It wasn’t just part of that presentation, that great things in this space come at that intersection. Because you have to be technical enough to be able to create great products, but you have to tap into that liberal arts side to know how to create something new…how to be creative.That’s completely true for the company. It’s completely true for our products. It’s also true for our marketing.

Also what he would tell us is that all great marketing is based in the truth. It sounds fundamental, but there’s a lot of companies try to make you believe something that isn’t necessarily true.

And we’ve always believed that if we build great products with great features that are built to inspire and enrich our customers’ lives, that’s the basis of the story.

Joswiak also elaborated on the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera hardware – including addressing how the October Mac event was shot entirely on iPhone.

We’ve been investing years in our cameras and iPhones. We feel we have this responsibility to our users because more photos are taken with iPhones than any other camera or device in the world

We don’t look at other smartphones as our competitor. We look at high-end pro cameras as what we’re trying to emulate. And the thing that we were missing there was the ability to do the post color grading, and we added those capabilities now with the iPhone 15 Pro.

And one of the things I don’t know if you’re aware of…the recent Mac event that we did was shot entirely on iPhone. And it looks fantastic, right? The editing was all on the Mac and the video was all shot on the iPhone. It shows you what you can do with an iPhone 15 Pro, so we’re very very proud of that.

The full interview can be watched below.

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