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Introduction to Programming and Computer Science – Full Course

Introduction to Programming and Computer Science - Full Course

In this course, you will be taught fundamentals of laptop programming and laptop science. The concepts you be taught apply to any and all programming languages and shall be a fantastic base onto which you will assemble your experience.

This video is meant for a lot of who’re interested in laptop science and programming nonetheless do not know the place to start and have little to no background information on coding.

✏️Course created by Steven and Sean from NullPointer Exception. Check out their channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:05) Introduction
⌨️ (01:37) What is Programming?
⌨️ (06:19) How can we write Code?
⌨️ (11:44) How can we get Information from Computers?
⌨️ (14:46) What can Computers Do?
⌨️ (20:43) What are Variables?
⌨️ (25:02) How can we Manipulate Variables?
⌨️ (31:54) What are Conditional Statements?
⌨️ (37:54) What are Array’s?
⌨️ (44:26) What are Loops?
⌨️ (49:37) What are Errors?
⌨️ (55:22) How can we Debug Code?
⌨️ (1:00:25) What are Functions?
⌨️ (1:09:52) How can we Import Functions?
⌨️ (1:13:45) How can we make our private Functions?
⌨️ (1:21:56) What are ArrayLists and Dictionaries?
⌨️ (1:27:38) How can we use Data Structures?
⌨️ (1:36:27) What is Recursion?
⌨️ (1:43:42) What is Pseudocode?
⌨️ (1:50:40) Choosing the Right Language?
⌨️ (1:55:34) Applications of Programming

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