Tribute: “Oluwagbeminiyi Omo Odegbami – The Gentle Pilgrim Returns Home!” – Dad

Tribute: “Oluwagbeminiyi Omo Odegbami – The Gentle Pilgrim Returns Home!” – Dad

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Legend Segun Odegbami has been inundated with condolences following the heartbreaking news of his son, Oluwagbeminiyi’s passing.

Fans, friends, and family members have been reeling in shock after Odegbami shared a heartfelt tribute on his Facebook page titled “Oluwagbeminiyi Omo Odegbami – The Gentle Pilgrim Returns Home!”

Heartfelt tribute

“The thought of writing about Oluwagbeminiyi Omo Odegbami in the past tense is utterly incomprehensible,” the football legend wrote, his words heavy with emotion.

Odegbami recounted how, brimming with creativity just a day before Good Friday, Oluwagbeminiyi messaged his father seeking guidance on their documentary project.

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Odegbami, encouraging his son’s independence, urged him to press forward with his ideas.
Odegbami described Oluwagbeminiyi as a “gifted, multi-talented young man” whose abilities extended far beyond the realm of the documentary. He lauded his son’s writing skills, poetic lyricism, rapping talent, captivating elocution, and unique culinary

“These gifts resided within this unassuming young man,” Odegbami continued, “who preferred a simple, secluded life, content with his spartan existence and unbothered by the chaos of the world around him.

Last moments

The seemingly ordinary day took a tragic turn just four hours after their communication. A flurry of phone calls shattered Odegbami’s world. Oluwagbeminiyi was unwell, rushed to a hospital, and referred to another. Despite Odegbami’s pleas to take him to a specialist, Oluwagbeminiyi’s condition rapidly deteriorated.

“The hospital worked tirelessly for hours,” Odegbami wrote. “But fate had a different course.”

The news came at the stroke of midnight on Good Friday. The very doctors who offered him updates throughout the day delivered the heart-wrenching blow: Oluwagbeminiyi had passed away.

Consumed by grief, Odegbami pondered the “what ifs.” Would his presence have altered the outcome? These agonising questions remained unanswered.

Solace in faith

Finding solace in faith, Odegbami drew comfort in believing that Oluwagbeminiyi’s spirit joined those who came before him on Good Friday. He envisioned his son’s sins washed away on the cross of Calvary, his soul now resting peacefully with the Creator.

“This belief has become my solace,” Odegbami confided. “This kind and gentle soul is finally free from the burdens of a world he couldn’t control.”

Hundreds of messages have since greeted Odegbami’s Facebook post, with many praying the football legend will have the strength to navigate this difficult period.

“May the Almighty comfort you, sir. I pray for strength for you and your wonderful family. May his soul rest peacefully in perfect peace. Ọlọ́run Ọba a dúró tì yín Sir,”Olásúnkànmí Shobowale wrote.

Yusuff Shoyode, on his part, wrote: “Oh, the eulogies got me reeling in sadness. May the good Lord bless him with eternal rest and comfort the whole family and the friends and son he left behind, AMEN.”

Another sympathiser, Yemi Odetola, wrote: “The young lad completed his journey too quickly, and he has gone to his rest. Please be strong, sir.”

Olufunmilayo George wrote: “Sorry for the significant loss. It’s too painful, but God knows best. Accept my sincere condolence.

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