383008 uae jobs emirates to hire more cabin crew salary revealed

UAE jobs: Emirates to hire more cabin crew; salary revealed

The world’s largest airline will be holding open days in the coming weeks; check out the schedule here

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Published: Wed 9 Aug 2023, 2:16 PM

Last updated: Wed 9 Aug 2023, 11:00 PM

The number of cabin crew staff at Dubai’s flagship carrier Emirates has crossed 20,000 as the airline continued its recruitment drive in dozens of countries, covering hundreds of cities all year round.

Emirates’ cabin crew, which consist of 200 nationalities, are offered a competitive, tax-free salary and flying pay, eligibility for profit share, hotel stay, layover expenses, concessional travel and cargo, annual leave, annual leave ticket, furnished accommodation, transportation to and from work, medical, life and dental insurance coverage, laundry services, and other benefits. The staff is offered discounted tickets for friends and family.

The world’s largest airline will be holding open days to hire cabin crew in many cities across Europe, Asia and the Americas in August and September — including Zurich, Vienna, Vancouver, Toulouse, Glasgow, Cyprus, Milan, Athens, London, Baku, Antwerp and others.

Salary & requirements

Cabin crew applying for vacant positions should be fluent in written and spoken English (additional languages are an advantage); at least 160cm tall and able to reach 212cm high; able to meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements; one-year hospitality/customer service experience; a minimum of high school education; and no visible tattoos while in uniform.

The selected candidates are offered a Dh4,430 basic monthly salary and Dh63.75 per hour flying pay, taking an average total salary of Dh10,170.

Below is the list of cities where recruitment drives will take place in the coming weeks:

  • August 10: Bologna, Valencia, Zurich, Leeds, London, Sarajevo
  • August 11: Varna, Vancouver, Larnaca, Toulouse, Glasgow, Salzburg,
  • August 12: Venice, Basel, Leicester, Sofia
  • August 13: Copenhagen, Athens, Gothenburg, Chester, Nice
  • August 14: Milan, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London Heathrow, Brussels
  • August 15: Stockholm, Blackpool, Newcastle, Bordeaux
  • August 16: Munich, Thessaloniki, Limerick, Braga, Brighton, Bruges
  • August 17: Vilnius, Chisinau, Oslo, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Montpellier
  • August 18: Berlin, Cork, Malaga, Sheffield, Montevideo, Sydney
  • August 19: Helsinki, Rome, London, Prague
  • August 20: Frankfurt, Florence, Asuncion, Porto, Bilbao, London Gatwick, Perth
  • August 21: Sarajevo, Tampere, Warsaw, Bodrum, Bath, Paris
  • August 22: Dusseldorf, Turin, Coimbra, London Heathrow, Vienna
  • August 23: Turku, Krakow, Antalya, Liverpool, Oxford, Zagreb
  • August 24: Lyon, Granada, Stoke-on-Trent, Tirana
  • August 25: Budapest, Manchester, Baku
  • August 26: Antwerp, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Nottingham, Pecs
  • August 27: Milan, Podgorica, Cardiff, Lisbon
  • August 28: Rotterdam, Athens,
  • August 29: Rome, Glasgow, Faro
  • August 30: Groningen, London, Bari
  • August 31: Malta, Edinburgh, Brisbane
  • September 1: Nice, Munich, Milton Keynes, Larnaca
  • September 2: Copenhagen, Kosice, Derby, Melbourne
  • September 3: Bordeaux, Berlin, Madrid, Newcastle, Bogota
  • September 4: Bratislava, Stansted, Montevideo, Montpellier
  • September 5: Thessaloniki, Coimbra, Barcelona, London Heathrow, Sofia
  • September 6: Dublin, Asuncion, Sarajevo
  • September 7: Hamburg, Chania, Braga, London Gatwick, Sydney
  • September 8: Varna, Galway, Milan, Zurich, Leeds, Brussels
  • September 9: Tbilisi, Dusseldorf, Seville, Liverpool, Perth
  • September 10: Vienna, Prague, Venice, Preston, Paris
  • September 11: Rome, Valladolid, Amsterdam, Antalya, Glasgow, Frankfurt
  • September 12: Birmingham, London, Newark, Liege
  • September 13: Lyon, Bari, Oslo, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Luton, Stuttgart
  • September 14: Florence, Malaga, Nottingham, Philadelphia, Marseille
  • September 15: Porto, Basel, Rotterdam, Worcester, Turin
  • September 16: Alicante, Coventry, Tirana
  • September 17: Bologna, Sheffield, Yerevan
  • September 18: Budapest, Vilnius, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Sydney
  • September 19: Naples, Chisinau, Manchester, Nice
  • September 20: Pecs, Warsaw, Oxford, Seattle, Melbourne
  • September 21: Catania, Podgorica, Liverpool, Limerick
  • September 22: Venice, Poznan, Zaragoza, Bristol, Antwerp
  • September 23: Skopje, Auckland, Birmingham
  • September 24: Cork
  • September 25: Munich, Ljubljana, Glasgow, Toulouse, Vienna
  • September 26: London Heathrow, Salzburg
  • September 27: Berlin, Lisbon, Gothenburg, Leeds, Manchester
  • September 28: Hannover
  • September 29: Faro, Stockholm, Bodrum, Oxford, Malta
  • September 30: Malta

The airline has been aggressively expanding its network after the pandemic. The company’s workforce strength increased by 23 per cent in the 2022-23 financial year to 56,379 employees across the globe, rising from 45,843 in the previous year. The demand for the workforce is driven by a strong recovery in the travel and tourism sector, fueling demand for more flights from local and global airlines.

It also awarded employees with salary hikes and bonuses after record profits in 2022-23.

Since 2022, Emirates has hosted recruitment events in 340 cities across six continents to diversify the global airline’s cabin crew team, which comprises 140 nationalities speaking 130 languages.

The airline enjoys strong employee loyalty with over 4,000 crew serving between 5 to 9 years; around 3,000 serving between 10 to 14 years; over 1,500 crew serving 15 to 19 years; and some 400 crew members having crossed the milestone of 20 years of service. Three crew members have been with the airline for more than 30 years.


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