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Musée Ulm (Kunsthalle Weisshaupt)

“You can make people swallow anything.” Yes, to the elites, however to not the individuals.
“We can make people swallow anything.” Yes, to the elites, however to not the peoples.


Today we conceive of no different artwork than of contestation, it is without doubt one of the indicators of our decomposition. After all there was nice artwork on fee, there was even solely that: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Byzantium, the Maya, Chinese Art, India, our Christian West, Reborn, Baroque and even Classical. It was lovely, it was commissioned, however the artists believed in it.
Jean DUCHÉ. The Shield of Athena.

“We can make people swallow anything”, it’s an professional who says it: MARCEL DUCHAMP (interview within the specific July 23, 1964) Under the identify of artwork, for greater than 100 years we make individuals swallow something. We are in full unreality, what’s formally thought of to be the artwork of the 20th century and the start of the present century has no relation to artwork, it’s anti-art, non-art, hoax.
JEAN LOUIS HARROUEL Contemporary Art, the Great Falsification Jean Cyrille Godefroy 2009

“A work is recognized as a work of art because it has successfully endured the test of criticism, common public opinion and time.”
Mikel DUFRENNE (1910-1995 Universalis. article Artwork)

“Why do we hardly see in museums of modern art anything but insignificance, formalism, empty intellectualism or derision and above all, above all, this overwhelming mass of abstract works, emptied of all substance, desolate, emaciated that we nevertheless persist in buying, exalting, commenting, exhibiting under the indifferent eye of visitors that it does not concern?”
Jean CLAIR (Considérations sur l’état des Beaux Arts. Critique of Modernity. GALLIMAR NRF 1983)
Here we should perceive “modern art” by “contemporary art”.

Art is what you consider. And artwork makes you consider in what you consider. Art additionally makes you consider in what you would not consider, in case you had been free to consider. What in case you do not consider in something anymore? Not even in man? Only in your self, in defiance of all others? This is the Official Contemporary Art.
The ugliness and absurdity of Official Contemporary Art are lethal viruses, damaging of collective cultures and folks. This is Covid-Art. He has confined himself to lovely buildings the place no public goes besides just a few vaccinated, constrained, adventurous or naïve individuals.

Official modern artwork is an anti-art, commissioned, globalist, state and supra-state, private and non-private, which mixes
seven constants present in virtually all European museums: It is ugly, absurd, provocative, sloppy, unhappy, uprooted, obsessive, and as a consequence of all this, completely synthetic.

1° Ugly
Art This is what the artwork historian Ernst Gombrich observes: “Western art has become an adventure on the edge of the impossible, and the art of the ugly”.
Art Laid is a significant invention of the West within the second half of the twentieth century. The Ancient Fine Arts (Belle Arti, Schönen Künste, Fine Arts) and Modern Art, which runs from 1830 to 1950, might sometimes paint the ugliness of life and loss of life. The ugliness of the Passion of Christ, the Devil, the Underworld, War, illness and epidemics, insanity, loss of life and many others…. But the ugly was by no means a purpose in itself, it was solely a way of expressing the ugliness of sure realities.
In official modern artwork this crucial of the Laid issues each summary artwork and figurative artwork.
When the Laid turns into a criterion of official artwork, a purpose of the painter, and a vital situation to enter a museum of portray, or sculpture, then undeniably begins the period of Contemporary Art.
The ideological, doctrinal, systematic adherence of Contemporary Art to ugliness is a really banal commentary, which has been made many occasions, and which has been totally claimed by its theoreticians and practitioners.
The artwork critic Michel Tapié (1909-1987) notes within the years 1950-60 that “Modern Art – meaning Contemporary Art – was born the day when the idea of Art and that of Beauty were disjointed.” Michel Tapié doesn’t criticize this disjunction, quite the opposite he notes and justifies it. “we have changed our values.” Indeed, ugliness has turn out to be a constructive worth, in aesthetics!
It could be very important that Europe and the West distinguish the Museums of “Fine Arts” (Belle Arti, Schönen Künste, Fine Art), from “Museums of Contemporary Art”. It is the formalization of the divorce of Art and Beauty. This institutionalization, this systematization of anti-aesthetics is a primary within the historical past of civilizations.
It is crucial to not confuse Modern Art (1830–1950) with Contemporary Art, which grew to become established within the West in official circles from the Fifties on or after. The important distinction, however quite simple to know, is that this: Modern Art is an aesthetic, Contemporary Art is, and claims to be, an anti-aesthetic.

A couple of questions come up:
Should man congratulate himself for having denied magnificence in his official artwork?
Is it compulsory to think about that it is a vital and inevitable improvement? Progress even?
What if ugly artwork was, quite the opposite, a degrading artwork, a regression? An involution?

2° Absurd artwork.

Throughout the interval of the Ancient Fine Arts (Belle Arti, Schönen Künste, Fine Arts) artwork was by no means absurd. It at all times had a which means, it was the bearer of a educating very clearly perceptible by the best quantity, even by the illiterate, particularly in spiritual artwork. From the Renaissance seems an artwork impressed by Greco-Roman antiquity whose which means is barely accessible to a cultured elite of European society. But artwork continues till modern occasions to be significant, to carry a transparent discourse supposed to persuade and produce individuals collectively.
In the trendy period, round 1900, with non-figurative, summary artwork, a novelty appeared: the artwork of nonsense. Nonsense, understood as the shortage of which means, the absence of an intelligible discourse, carrying a exact message, simply identifiable by the populations or by the elites. It is then that the works seem “without title” or bearing titles devoid of which means: “Composition N°..”
But it was solely with official modern artwork, after the Second World War, that nonsense, the absence of significant discourse, advanced, exacerbated, and have become synonymous with absurdity.
Abstract fashionable artwork is a blue triangle and a crimson dot on a white background.
Official modern artwork is a pair of footwear carrying glasses, a pile of pebbles, a mattress hanging
from the ceiling of the museum or a mop broom… This attribute of absurdity, not like that of ugliness, will not be explicitly claimed by the dogmatics of Anti-Art. On the opposite, the theoreticians of Official Contemporary Art completely wish to make consider that Anti-Aesthetics is superiorly clever, carrying a extremely delicate, superlatively “conceptual” counter-discourse, which solely a customer initiated into the mysteries of latest thought might perceive. Hence the significance in modern artwork museums of the Discourse on Art, which is typically displayed as higher than “works of art”. In actuality, the really knowledgeable public, not the falsely enlightened, should perceive that there’s nothing to know about every of those “works of art”. The discourse on artwork is there to deceive the general public, to amaze them, to intimidate them, to forbid them any problem. On the opposite hand, it’s vital to know why this “art”, on the identical time, shows its absurdity and hides it behind an entire justifying discourse. It can also be vital to know the worldwide, political, ideological, social significance of this aesthetic and moral deconstruction, completely sophistry. We are within the presence of an artwork of Sophist, to which we should oppose, firmly, the knowledge of Socrates. At the chance of getting to drink the cigüe, after condemnation by a misguided “Republic”.

3° Provocative artwork.

Throughout the interval of the Ancient Fine Arts (Belle Arti, Schönen Künste, Fine Arts) artwork was by no means provocative. Art had the operate and objective of transmitting a transparent academic message, comprehensible by the bulk, and its means had been the seduction of populations as an entire, or of extra explicit clienteles, by being the bearer of a consensual discourse, which brings collectively the recipients round a collective tradition and a standard very best. Art was a sharing between the members of the entire society conceived as a centripetal neighborhood. Art was inter-social, that’s to say that it needed to go well with all of the lessons of society, to be accepted by them as a standard good and to advertise communication throughout the neighborhood.
With the official Contemporary Non-Art seems a scientific reverse doctrine, of complete intolerance: The dogma of artwork that should disturb the peoples. Art is now not made to arouse the help of the populations, however to disturb them, to impress destructive reactions of opposition, of rejection. The official discourse on artwork always proclaims the alleged want for a “questioning” of all traditions. Thus the “initiate” will distinguish himself by spreading reward for this alleged catharsis, and the unencumbered, the zombie, might be stigmatized when he dares to criticize the absurdity of dogmatic violence accomplished to magnificence and which means.
This dogma of “art that must disturb” has all of the traits of the illiberal language of sure spiritual doctrines whose fanatics are unable to confess and perceive that religion in a real God can undergo paths aside from their very own, and expose truths aside from these wherein they consider. It is now not a query of religion in a God revealed to the proponents of the “Enlightenment”, however this doctrine of artwork which has the obligation to disturb peoples is in actuality the expression of a religion in the next and revealed human Reason, requiring secret initiation. This doctrine is the interpretation into the sector of aesthetics of an elitist, sectarian and dogmatic ideology. Fanaticism has turn out to be desecrated within the West, nevertheless it stays the identical as itself, and it’s nonetheless as harmful for freedoms.
Provocation is without doubt one of the founding ideas attribute of official modern artwork. If we wish to perceive official modern artwork and even a sure avenue artwork (that of vandal tags) we should suppose on the identical floor as him. To oppose provocation and specific contempt to the provocation and implicit contempt for peoples that’s attribute of official modern artwork. This is why official modern artwork, state and even supra-state artwork, globalist, artwork attribute of our present Western civilization reveals a disturbing mind-set of the elites, an apparent overestimation of themselves, and poses a really actual downside of society.

4° Botched Art.

Botched Art begins from the sketch, it’s born of its abusive systematization.
The Sketch was basically within the historical past of portray a preparatory examine, which allowed the artist to make sure the coherence and stability of his completed portray. In this case, most frequently, the approximation of the drawing, the blurring of the illustration is barely a draft, a venture, an incomplete artwork that must be accomplished.
Many artists, in previous centuries, have completely understood that the sketch can, typically, exceptionally, be a completed work. That is to say, a piece of which a big majority of spectators, specialists or not, felt imperiously that NOTHING ought to be added to it. It will not be a mathematical definition, not even philosophical, however it’s the greatest, as for magnificence: the widespread feeling, majority, enlightened by the opinion of the elites, however extensively shared inside a society.
The sketch is a completed work solely when it creates a singular environment, significantly suggestive, carrying a poetry of its personal, distinctive. When it turns into apparent that extra precision in drawing would shut the doorways to the creativeness, to the thriller, and destroy a delicate stability between dream and actuality.
But it’s an alchemy of which solely the nice artists can, exceptionally, penetrate the key.
It is true that the sketch can exude a sure expressive energy, have an evocative energy, a poetry of the unfinished. An expressive power that the portray, nicely completed, nicely drawn and nicely painted, accomplished, can really lose. But the poetic magic of the artwork of blurring can’t be systematic and loses all its seduction when it turns into a behavior of doing and a conformism of the gaze.
Since the Impressionists what number of artists have made sketching and tachism with out artwork and for ease?
The aesthetics of our time have centered far an excessive amount of on sketching. Blur, sketching, staining have turn out to be a style, an compulsory tradition. Always the identical commentary: good concepts, progressive and inventive practices, turn out to be dangerous and sterile after they turn out to be systematized.
In actuality, artists are usually not the one ones accountable for this example. In the nineteenth century Western society entered a tradition that made success, materials, financial, and cash its foremost values. From then on, sketches, which might not have come out of the artist’s private drafts in the course of the earlier centuries, grew to become commodities sources of revenue. These items may even be present in museums. Picasso, a painter of transition between fashionable and modern artwork, understood this financial mechanism very nicely.
Of course this evolution is wearing Great Principles: It will not be a query of Money, however of the Artist, the Freedom of Creation, the Progress of the Arts, a “new sensibility”, to “live with the times” and many others …
This omnipresence of sketching, vagueness and tachism displays not solely habits of the gaze however moral and cultural values. The Art of sketching, blurring and symbolic and poetic suggestion has turn out to be, by spirit of each system and provocation, and likewise a lot by comfort and conformity to style, Easy Art, Botched Art. The artwork of creating, rapidly, as rapidly as attainable, a popularity and cash. We are the antithesis of the portray of earlier centuries, on the time when artwork was a occupation. A occupation that was discovered lengthy, troublesome, and that required infinitely meticulousness.

5° Sad Art

For centuries, European portray, European artwork typically, was designed to make individuals dream, or a major a part of a inhabitants: aristocracy, bourgeoisie or in style lessons. When European portray painted monsters, ailments or conflict, it was solely what was essential to formulate a reminder of the realities of the world.
Apollo skinned Marsyas alive, Prometheus had his liver eaten on Zeus’ orders, Adonis died, Orpheus didn’t deliver Eurydice again from the Underworld. But Europa was not sad to be kidnapped, Aphrodite (Venus) was born and cherished, and spring returned recurrently, like Persephone of the Underworld.
Crucifixions, Entombments and Pietas had been at all times accompanied by an Annunciation, a Nativity and a Resurrection. And after the Death of the Virgin got here her Assumption and Coronation.
Seventeenth-century Dutch artwork, secular, secular, proclaims with out tiring the easy joys of household life, maritime landscapes, altering skies, village festivals, wedding ceremony dances and materials abundances: meat, greens, cheese and flowers in abundance. A profusion that the skulls couldn’t disguise. Even with out their tooth, the farmers had been singing, definitely consuming just a little an excessive amount of.
All the neo-classical, romantic and impressionist artwork of the nineteenth century made you dream with landscapes of Italy or Europe: meadows dotted with poppies, recent and pleasant rivers, forests stuffed with favorable shadows, mysterious castles, flocks of sheep and cattle, shepherd musicians ….. And aside from just a few shipwrecks in tough seas, on the entire, European portray was joyful and made individuals dream.
Dream of God, dream of religious or sensual Love, dream of everlasting life, dream of goodness, purity and sweetness, dream of motherhood, dream of paradise, on earth or within the air, dream of idyllic panorama, dream of profitable searching, dream of abundance. The Dream will not be missing in European portray, for hundreds of years, that are far more than a millennium. And this dream remains to be perceived immediately, even when it now not corresponds to beliefs which are at the moment alive and shared.

It was when ideologues and politicians, who impose on artists what artwork ought to be, determined to color a world that doesn’t make individuals dream, that modern artwork started: Marcel Duchamp’s L’Urinoir is without doubt one of the archetypes of this “revolution”.
The “Enlightened” have certainly invented unhappy artwork. They have all the pieces flawed, as soon as once more regardless of their conviction to be the Eye that illuminates from above the complete social pyramid: Art is what makes individuals dream. Not what provides them nightmares.
There is little question that in the course of the twentieth century in Europe, then within the West, a pessimistic, tragic, absurd view of life
has turn out to be widespread within the area of portray and sculpture.
We don’t see within the modern artwork rooms an artwork that breathes the Joy of Living and the Fulfillment of Self.
The works of Fra Angélico testify that this painter was pleased to color as he did. In quick, he was free! Likewise the works of Peter Paul Rubens or the Impressionists.
Looking on the works of Van Gogh there seems a certainty: this tormented painter had the enjoyment of releasing himself by his artwork from his difficulties to dwell.
What is using Art, if to not make individuals pleased, or not less than to assist them dwell?
What is an Art that isn’t an enchantment?
Why a disenchanted Art? Systematically and ostensibly, claiming disenchanted?
The Hell of Enguerrand Quarton or Hieronymus Bosch was stuffed with flames and horrible demons.
The Hell of our modern world has rationally evacuated all of the obscurantist horrors of faith: it’s as clean, unhappy and absurd as white, yellow or black squares, plywood packing containers, coal piles, cement beams, papier-mâché, piled up or hanging garments and soiled cardboard.
It is the artwork of a globalist elite that refuses to speak with its fellow human beings, and can also be unable to really feel and make really feel constructive feelings. No magnificence, no pleasure, no good. The artwork of creating individuals dream has turn out to be the artwork of creating individuals nightmare. It’s greater than unhappy, it is alarming. Would Democritus himself nonetheless have the ability to giggle at it?

6° Art Without Roots: The Art of the Tower of Babel

The attendance of the Museums of Contemporary Art makes one see a phenomenon that rapidly turns into flagrant, haunting, from the second the customer has turn out to be conscious of it: the previous of males, the historical past of civilizations is completely absent. It is as soon as once more the identical commentary: it’s the reverse of tremendous arts (Belle Arti, Schönen Künste, Fine Arts). A timeless Anti-Art, the place any reminiscence of the previous is absent, spreads within the Museums of Contemporary Art.
Official Contemporary Art is a cluster of assorted “stuff” that represent a show of current, an omnipresent
current, completely minimize off from any spatial or temporal atmosphere: Plain canvases, coloured or not, strains, factors, strains and circles, squares or rectangles variously coloured, and naturally spots, particularly spots. Rubble, pipes, brooms, mops, ladders, beds, wobbly chairs and tables, piles of assorted issues: coal, stone, cardboard, paper, plastics. Rusty, twisted, damaged beams, assembled cardboard, piled up garments and rags, open or closed packing containers, damaged or crushed equipment, tubing, cement beams, rubble, cinder blocks, tiles, complete or pulverized bricks, neon tubes, empty baggage or full baggage (it appears that evidently conceptually it is rather totally different), all types of pipes (iron, cement, plastics), rubber, buckets, brocs, pots; palisades, telephones, typewriters packed or not, sinks, urinals, bicycles, fruit and veggies, an entire various however absurd flea market the place it’s exhibited: artwork museums.
A large number of inventive faculties declare to be impressed by modern society, particularly its sciences and methods: Conceptual artwork, video artwork, laptop artwork, digital artwork, bio artwork, there is no such thing as a scarcity of names, however the ensuing installations, along with their systematic ugliness, very removed from the truth of present laboratories or factories, are completely meaningless successfully associated to science and expertise. is human as practised. As these services are unrelated to the precise metropolis life of a big a part of the Western inhabitants. Fortunately, our cities don’t seem like our modern artwork museums.
Contemporary artwork museums are a pile of objects with out actual id, with out “personality”, with out empathic capability, as a result of they don’t match into any credible context.
nor the context of utility, as a result of the objects offered are completely out of their actual use.
nor the geographical setting, as a result of they aren’t consultant of any tradition attribute of a area of the planet.
nor the historic strategy, as a result of these objects don’t have any relation to the historical past and previous of human societies.
Nothing in these museums that may root the customer within the historical past of his neighborhood or any neighborhood.
Observing Institutional Contemporary Art, learning its discourse, it’s clear that Western man will not be on the trail of rapprochement with Nature both. Nature, animals, and humanity – besides when it’s ugly and absurd – have virtually utterly disappeared from institutional Western artwork. The rapprochement with Nature is nevertheless a theme that each one the Western media for most people recurrently develop. The theme of the animal has additionally not disappeared from avenue artwork or native, regional or nationwide non-public business artwork. It is omnipresent in pictures.
Why this divorce between the Official Globalist Art, the artwork reserved for enlightened elites, completely synthetic and unnatural, and the humanities or the media for most people?
Why is that this Institutional Art uprooted not solely from totally different human cultures, but additionally from Nature?
The viewer is locked in a continuing, haunting current, terrifying by its anonymity and its absence of any id reference. Contemporary artwork is Alzheimer’s illness on the dimensions of society as an entire: every second follows each other with out being linked to the second earlier than, and even much less to a distant previous. An anthill artwork wherein generations comply with each other with none reminiscence hyperlink, solely the chain of intuition stays lively.

Official modern artwork is clearly designed to erase the reminiscence of males and thus have the ability to higher orient the remnants of intelligence that may survive this therapy. It is straightforward to know why the primary viewers of those modern artwork museums are the scholars of faculties, faculties and excessive faculties.
This state of affairs is certainly not the results of a coincidence however of a political will primarily based on a superbly identifiable ideology: The ideology of the “Enlightenment” contained some necessary, well timed, artistic and residing truths. But these truths have been interpreted on the top of their extremism, and have settled into absolute, systematic, distinctive and common Truth, negator of all of the values and experiences of previous civilizations. This new totalitarianism is the bearer, like all totalitarianisms, of tragic Shadows, and eventually of Death. When man claims to assert the “Enlightenment”, his personal, the lights of his personal purpose alone, it’s fairly consequential that he leads to the deep Shadow of error, ignorance, the ugly and the absurd. This is demonstrated by official modern artwork.
Official modern artwork, that of the museums that bear this identify, places into follow, within the area of aesthetics, a basic precept of the ideology of the Enlightenment: “The Clean Slate”. The European previous and that of all civilizations is retrograde and obscurantist, it’s the time of the Shadows. It should disappear utterly in order that the brand new Humanity can flourish in Modernity, which the “Enlightenment” alone represents. In the USSR, in Maoist China, this ideology of the “Clean Slate” was imposed by an explicitly violent democratic totalitarianism, a single celebration claiming as professional “the dictatorship of the proletariat”. In capitalist nations the strategies are different: totalitarianism hides behind the appearances of supposedly plural liberal democracy. His strategies are these of a disguised, underlying violence, impressed and arranged by organizations hidden from the eyes of most people: these of the manipulation of opinions and minds.
The roots of peoples, the hyperlinks of countries with their previous should be completely minimize off to permit solely the true and distinctive doctrine, the one to the glory of universality, to stay. According to the High Priests of Globalism, this might be the worth to pay to ensure, because of the disappearance of countries, ethnic and cultural and a single authorities on an earthly scale, a shiny future, peace and a paradise on earth. The disappearance of the roots of males is certainly the identical venture because the disappearance of Nations. From the oblivion of the roots to the destruction of the roots, the space is tiny: that is demonstrated by the formally involuntary hearth of Notre Dame de Paris. The centuries-old oak body of Notre Dame de Paris might nicely burn, as by chance, it’s not in any respect a catastrophe, it’s even an attention-grabbing alternative. It might be rebuilt in just a few years. It might be even higher: it is going to be fabricated from concrete, and model new. It can at all times be stored inscribed on the World Heritage List. What do retrograde minds obscurely connected to the previous complain about?
Official modern artwork is an artwork specifically designed for uprooted, emigrant, immigrant, blended peoples: Nothing recollects their origins, their particular cultures, their former territories. Their symbols, even the most costly, might be destroyed, deliberately set on hearth. It is the globalist venture whose ideology and politics are mirrored within the official modern anti-aesthetics.

7° Obsessive artwork.
The obsession we’re speaking about right here is that of Modernity, the New, Change, Revolution, Progress. It is obligatory to color, sculpt, set up, something and all the pieces, on the only real situation that it has by no means been accomplished earlier than! Rolls of bathroom paper on the ground? Great concept! On one situation: you need to make sure that it has not already been accomplished! And if this has been accomplished, it’s attainable to do the identical factor, however with actual or synthetic filth, as well as. It might be even newer and an actual progress!
This obsession with novelty additionally joins the dogma of “the Clean Slate” and is impressed by the doctrine of the denial of the Past which is a basic level of the catechism of the extremist Enlightenment. The direct consequence of this monomania is clearly the overvaluing of the current and the long run: a everlasting agitation, a feverish nervousness, with out actual objective, with out prudence or widespread sense, a sterile effervescence and even damaging of the nice vital balances. It is “Bougisme” by Pierre André Taguieff (Resisting Bougism. Fayard 2001). In inventing this neologism, Pierre André Taguieff rightly denounced the sickly cult of change for the good thing about change. This absurd ideology of compulsory novelty, at any price, clearly wreaks havoc in artwork, as elsewhere in Western society.
Even if the start of the twenty first century begins to sound the alarm in regards to the nuisance of man, the obsession with Change and Progress by the motion of man stays a continuing of all official discourses and one of many very first commandments of the ideological and “artistic” catechism.

Conclusion: Artificial artwork. Dead Art

The seven-point specs which are thus imposed on modern artists decided to make a popularity in official artwork has an apparent consequence: Official Contemporary Art is a completely insincere artwork, a summit of artifice and conformism. European artwork, just like the common one, has at all times been a commissioned artwork for millennia. In the entire historical past of civilizations to inform the reality there was artwork solely on fee. It is at all times the ideological and political elites who’ve impressed, oriented and financed the artwork of various civilizations. With one notable exception, in Europe, in the course of the interval of Modern Art. We have stated why in different texts: in a phrase, ideological variety. But commissioned artwork, in historical occasions, even when a single ideology dominated, didn’t exclude that artists might create with sincerity, and due to this fact freely, an artwork definitely on fee, however genuine and shared. The complete historical past of European portray since medieval occasions is proof of this.

This is what has clearly modified with official modern artwork from the second half of the twentieth century. To completely need to create the ugly, the absurd, the unhappy, to be compelled to impress and disturb the peoples on the base of the pyramid, is clearly very overwhelming for the official artists themselves. Even when honors and earnings are on the finish of the street. Their artwork is synthetic, it doesn’t carry any residing veracity. An artwork of fee, however an artwork of Death.
The sincerity, the great religion, of the artist is a situation, definitely not adequate, however completely vital of artwork. We can see nicely within the historical arts, when the painter, even proficient, now not believes in what he paints. This feeling is discovered very clearly in spiritual artwork, at sure occasions, in some artists even of nice expertise. In historical artwork, it’s a person or conjunctural phenomenon.
On the opposite hand, in museums of official modern artwork, the absence of sincerity, inauthenticity, falsehood, duplicity is common and structural: the viewer is bathed in an environment of fixed lies, constrained artifice, hypocritical project, mortally boring complacency. This is strictly the which means of the title of Aude de Kerros’ e book “L’Imposture de l’art contemporain” Eyrolles 2017.
Official Contemporary Art is a Sham as a result of it’s an imposed posture, an compulsory conduct, a mortal pressure for the liberty of creation.
A fantastic artwork comprehensible by the peoples, the sharing of a residing and constructive emotion with the general public, this isn’t the issue of the “artists” of official modern artwork. Their solely curiosity, apparent to the customer, is their social success. These artists paint, sculpt or “install” to enter the museum. Any sincerity is dismissed as harmful for the success of this enterprise. It is important to satisfy the specs of the circumstances to be admitted by the selectors, to make in any respect prices, new and ugly, and to realize essentially the most absolute provocation.
It is clear that authenticity, sincerity, stay on the sting of this street imposed on inventive creation. Some opportunists are completely accommodating to it, as a result of it’s a specification definitely astral, however which doesn’t require any strictly inventive expertise. Others, definitely quite a few, are forcing themselves to acquire public recognition. Still others refuse to play this sport and don’t enter the massive museums. These constraints and refusals definitely have an aesthetic price on the stage of world society.

Sincerity was a criterion of the European aesthetics of the previous. It didn’t matter whether or not the assumption was false or true, or kind of true, not in conformity with rationality as our time conceives it. It is a historic truth that each one the nice religions have been, for millennia, on the origin of genuine, honest, lovely, important arts, shared with peoples and acknowledged by time. The proof is that with Official Contemporary Art, authenticity is useless, and sharing it with it in fact. The attendance of latest artwork museums reveals that no present passes between artists, their official patrons and nearly all of the general public able to have the ability to freely determine on its actions.
“The majority of opponents of contemporary art are totally invisible and speechless. Artists and amateurs who compose it act as if Contemporary Art did not exist. They consider it so null and void that it is not necessary to pay the slightest attention to it, nor to make the slightest critical effort.”
Aude de Kerros L’Art Caché. Eyrolles 2013.
These opponents are proper in regards to the aesthetic nullity of official modern artwork. But they’re flawed to stay speechless, as a result of this artwork is a revelation of the mind-set of the governing elites. The ruled should be very rigorously involved with the visions of artwork, and due to this fact of the world, of their rulers, as a result of they concern them straight. The “Massacre of the Innocents” is a present state of affairs, not only a New Testament anecdote. An ideological and political elite that has made a occupation of religion to bloodbath magnificence, which means, sincerity, artwork typically, and proclaims its proper to disturb peoples, is suspect. The bloodbath of portray, the bloodbath of artwork is the announcement, the prefiguration of the bloodbath of peoples (the “Yellow Vests”) by their ideological and political elites. Recent historical past has proven that explicitly totalitarian, Nazi and communist, genocidal societies have been unable to create genuine and honest artwork. The overwhelming majority of artists have fled them.
Liberal capitalist society, triumphant in our time, has acted in a way more delicate political approach by making a Mandatory Official Anti-Art. Is it an efficient and adequate antidote towards totalitarianism, whether or not this society has allowed reserves for magnificence, which means, sincerity to stay in different fields equivalent to pictures or avenue artwork, or in an un accredited, adventitious non-public artwork? It could be clever to noticeably doubt this.

Baltimore Comic-Con Contest winner

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Image by greyloch
Based on the quantity of labor she put into her costume, I can see why she gained the grand prize on the contest.

I do not sport so I’m not conversant in the character/sequence. Does anybody know who she is in order that I can tag her?

UPDATE: A mutual buddy, Lauren, ID’ed her on a FB submit. She is cosplaying “Sylvanas” from the World of Warcraft online game sequence.

Cosplayer: Eveille Cosplay

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Pictures from The Bikini Open sequence which aired on tv within the 90s as PPV.
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