10 Hobbies That Are Easy To Learn

10 Hobbies That Are Easy To Learn

Thanks to flexible working hours and work-from-home jobs, people have more time on their hands. This is a good thing but many find themselves wondering what to do with their free time, especially now that people are cutting on leisure due to high costs of living. Without making good use of your free time, you can end up developing bad habits such as spending hours on the couch, watching movies for hours or scrolling on TikTok. Try learning a new hobby instead. Learning new hobbies can help you break the monotony, be more productive and be more intentional with your “me” time.  Here are some hobbies that are easy to learn.

  1. Crocheting

Crocheting is closely related to knitting which made a huge comeback during the COVID lockdown period when people were spending time at home with nothing much to do. Though crocheting isn’t as popular as knitting, it’s still a good hobby to pick up if you’re looking to pass the time and engage in a productive activity. Additionally, it’s easier to learn crocheting than knitting. For those seeking convenience, this is the hobby for you. The Benefits Of Knitting And Crocheting

  1. Card Making

The art of writing and sending cards is coming back. More people are seeing the value of a handwritten card as opposed to a text message. You can make it more special by making your own cards. Whether you choose to start from scratch or modify a card from the store, this can be a rewarding hobby. Additionally, there are no limits to how you can design the cards. You can draw the artwork, and use photos or ribbons to make the card look appealing.

  1. Candle Making

Candle-making is not only a fun hobby but also a good side hustle. Scented candles are in high demand nowadays so you may want to learn this hobby if you’re looking to supplement your income. Learning how to make candles is pretty easy. You can come up with as many designs as you want and if they don’t work out, you can start over without wasting materials. 7 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

  1. Nail Art

Many of us wish that we knew how to do our own nails so we’d never have to go to the nail salon and spend thousands to make our nails look good. Well, if you have time on your hands, this is a great hobby to learn. It’s also surprisingly easy. All you need is to get the right tools and, depending on what you want to learn, you can either follow a tutorial online or use your creativity.

  1. Handwriting

With the art of letter writing making a comeback, it might be time to improve your handwriting. Whether you think you need it or not, it’s good to try and make your handwriting better. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of handwriting styles that you can learn. It can be frustrating and tedious at first but it gets easier after a few tries. Not to mention, it’s a good feeling when people compliment your handwriting.

  1. Gardening

You can never go wrong with taking up gardening as a hobby. It’s not only relaxing but also rewarding. You get to grow something and enjoy the fruits of your labour. It can also be economical if you choose to grow food. To make it easier to learn, start with easy-to-care-for plants until you’ve mastered the basics of gardening. Getting house plants or a small balcony garden is a good place to start. 6 Tips To Keep Your Vegetable Garden Productive

  1. Mixology

Just because you can’t go out every weekend doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. You can learn how to make your favourite cocktails at home. Additionally, learning how to make your own cocktails can take your hosting game to another level. With online resources such as YouTube and Masterclass, you can find numerous tutorials on how to make a wide variety of cocktails. Easy Cocktails To Make At Your Next House Party

8. Landscaping

If you’re a homeowner or have outdoor space in your apartment, you can try your hand at landscaping as a hobby. Landscaping is the art of making a piece of land attractive by planting flowers, plants and grass. It can be beneficial both to the environment and your well-being. Studies have found that simply looking at trees and plants can reduce stress, lowering the risk of stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure. 5 Gardening Mistakes That Are Killing Your Indoor Plants

9. Cycling

What’s not to love about cycling? It’s an inexpensive and easy hobby to learn, it can help you save money and become physically fit and most importantly, it’s fun. Riding a bike, whether around your neighbourhood or through a scenic terrain, is a thrilling experience. You also learn valuable life skills such as staying focused and problem-solving. Fitness: 5 Health Benefits Of Cycling

10. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding might be the hobby you never knew you needed. It offers various benefits including boosting self-esteem, aiding socialization and nurturing discipline. Additionally, it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to train like a bodybuilder to be a bodybuilder unless you plan on being a competitor. Working out consistently and frequently with heavy weights and eating lots of protein-rich foods is all it really takes to build muscles and achieve a bodybuilder’s physique. Fitness: 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Out

Hobbies are good for your mental health. Hobbies linked to improved mental health include gardening, reading, creating art, writing, knitting, making and listening to music, curating a collection, playing with a pet, exercising, meditation, taking part in sports, doodling, yoga and more. If you’re able to, set a little time aside just to engage in an activity purely for the pleasure of it outside of the pressure to be financially productive.

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