381499 letters privatizing liquor stores is a wise business move

Letters: Privatizing liquor stores is a wise business move

“Yes, I am sure jobs have been lost, but many new jobs are created. From a business perspective, this is a smart move,” writes James Taylor

Published Feb 09, 2023Last updated 19 hours ago2 minute read

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Notwithstanding protests from unions and workers, James Taylor says privatizing liquor stores won't be a money-loser for government.
Notwithstanding protests from unions and workers, James Taylor says privatizing liquor stores won’t be a money-loser for government. Photo by MICHAELBELLPHOTOGRAPHY /jpg

With regards to the letter from Saskatoon’s Martin Bean of SEIU-West, the article leads people to believe that millions upon millions of dollars in government revenue will be lost from the privatization of Saskatchewan’s remaining government-owned retail liquor stores.

What it does not tell people is that all of those private liquor stores still have to purchase all of their products from Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority’s (SLGA) wholesale operations. So government still has that revenue stream coming in, but they don’t have the added costs of employing hundreds or thousands of staff and paying for buildings, etc.

Yes, I am sure jobs have been lost, but many new jobs are created. From a business perspective, this is a smart move.

Taxpayers still earn the bulk of the money with less costs.

James Taylor, Regina

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Masters fails to justify removing Leblanc

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Mayor Sandra Masters insists her motion to remove Coun. Dan Leblanc from the board of community and social impact Regina is not political retribution.

And yet she’s failed to give any convincing reason for the move. Clearly, Coun. Leblanc is well qualified for the role. He is a passionate advocate for social justice and inclusion in Regina. Further, he represents Ward 3 — a community dealing with the ongoing housing and addiction crises.

We are told the mayor’s decision came from discussions with community members.

Yet she, herself, referred to the controversy around the budget meetings in December, where dozens of other delegations supporting help for the homeless pleaded with council to adopt a housing first initiative in our city.

The mayor and her supporters on council made sure not a dollar would be put toward this life-saving program. In other words, she “won.” Yet, it seems, she’s fixated on personal payback against Leblanc, a champion for housing first — presumably because he challenged the backroom dealings that sunk the initiative.

This type of petty revenge politics has no place in our city. I admit with regret that I voted for Sandra Masters in 2020. After all, she knew how to “talk the talk” of a progressive leader. But instead of progress on social issues, Mayor Masters is more interested in political games. As the saying goes: “Fool me once …”

Andre Magnan, Regina

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    Lots of interest as SLGA permits hit the auction block

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    SLGA employees ponder what’s next as Sask. liquor stores wind down


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