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Urban Meyer is out as Jaguars head coach, and it’s time for the soccer coach to get a brand new occupation. It’s not like Meyer needs to work, I indicate, the dude has been paid ludicrous portions of money for a good distance of his grownup life, nonetheless money doesn’t often indicate you’re jabber materials.

Meyer taught a category on administration at Ohio Notify, so naturally he has pursuits outdoors of soccer — so let’s get him a brand new occupation.

Motivational speaker

Right right here’s a numerous substitute to make the most of a day with for traipse among the many supreme winners in (school) soccer historical past. Urban Meyer will make the most of the afternoon together with your group or school, providing unfamiliar seminars like “I’m a winner, and all of you is inclined to be losers” and “I’m in too deep: How in hint these spherical you when issues lunge depraved.”

Your business could maybe well not ever be the identical yet again after a search suggestion from by Meyer, we assure it.

First contestant on the brand new VH1 actuality level to Grinding with the Stars

You’ve seen them connect the Cha-Cha, nonetheless what about getting dangerous? From producer Brett Michaels comes Grinding with the Stars. We recall 10 extinct, substandard dudes and acquire them grind on girls folks half their age. Our judges will overview how wretched this made them, and whether or not they could maybe maybe maybe additionally handle their lunch down whereas observing.

Tune on this summer season to Grinding with the Stars, airing after the We Relish the 90s marathon.

(9)TV analyst

Okay, that may be a trusty one. Somebody will doubtlessly supply Meyer a job as a school soccer analyst and it’s going to produce for genuinely boring TV. Smooth, networks adore extinct coaches.

Becoming an awfully shitty mannequin of Ted Lasso

An American soccer coach on this planet of soccer?! It could maybe maybe maybe well additionally occur! Join Urban Meyer as he travels to England to educate a small, down on its luck squad taking a see to collect greatness. I promise these footballers aren’t prepared for Meyer, as he calls them “gradual moron losers.”

What happens when Meyer, clearly at a loss for phrases with reference to the sport, indicators working assist Carlos Hyde? How will the British press adapt to his unfamiliar assemble of administration? We can’t wait to get out.

Creator of the self-abet e guide Circle of Trust

Be taught the concepts to a contented life by shutting out anybody who isn’t straight useful to you. Urban Meyer has the concepts to produce your life additional insular and gap, which he well-known elements in Circle of Trust.

Observe Urban’s 5-step recipe for fulfillment:

  1. Decide who allow you to
  2. Shun anybody who can’t
  3. Invite your handiest allies into your Circle of Trust
  4. Give them preferential medication
  5. Hotfoot away when the heat is on

College soccer coach

On legend of some athletic director goes to be determined ample to counsel Meyer’s title in a pair of years, and it’s going to occur. Bag out about.

TV gardening skilled

No particular person can encourage vegetation higher than Urban Meyer. In his new new HGTV level to Urban Gardening Meyer will level to you the appropriate method to develop vegetation utilizing a brand new patented formulation of yelling at them, and depriving them of hydration.

Gardening could maybe well not ever be the identical.

Unique coach at Cobra Kai

Urban is conscious of the appropriate method to sweep the leg.

Corporate nepotism guide

For an exorbitant consulting value, Urban Meyer will deem at your contacts to get out who you ought to silent rent into your group. It doesn’t subject that your 4th grade pal has no expertise in present chain administration, you had been pals! That’s ample to produce him your new head of logistics.

In a topic of weeks, Meyer will rework your business from a effectively-oiled machine, to an incompetent misery — nonetheless a minimal of that misery would maybe be enjoyable, as a result of he’s made particular you’ve employed nothing nonetheless your extinct pals and family!

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