384983 small and powerful machines from case take on earthmoving and landscaping jobs

Small and powerful machines from CASE take on earthmoving and landscaping jobs

Small and powerful machines from CASE take on earthmoving and landscaping jobs

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Small but powerful, a collection of new machines from CASE Construction Equipment is designed for small contractors and landscapers with construction-grade strength and capability.

CASE is introducing a new stand-on mini track loader, two new small articulated loaders, a range of attachments, and new additions to the CASE mini excavator line. The equipment is easily transportable and fits into tight spaces on small jobs.

Mini track loader takes on multiple jobs with attachment versatility

Available this fall, the TL100, CASE’s first stand-on mini track loader, is designed to work with a range of attachments. First revealed at CONEXPO 2023, the TL100 is a 25-horsepower machine with standard hydraulic pilot controls and a powerful auxiliary hydraulic system. A range of optional equipment will also be available on the new machine.

With its rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds, the TL100 is suited for jobs like digging, earthmoving, fence post installation, moving brush with a grapple, and grading.

CASE will offer seven models of small articulated loaders, including electric versions. CASE Construction Equipment

Small articulated loaders include electric models

The SL12R and all-electric SL22EV small articulated loaders are part of a seven-machine collection to be released through 2023 and 2024. Articulated steering makes it easier to work on soft ground and turf with minimal damage.

The SL12TR features a telescopic boom and provides an extra-long reach for use in truck loading, or moving material in numerous situations. The SL22EV offers a low-noise, zero-emissions solution for use in indoor and outdoor environments.

Attachment versatility is also a focus on the small articulated loader line, which features compatibility with other CASE small equipment. Smaller loaders and the mini track loader will be able to share attachments, while larger models in the range can use compatible skid steer and compact track loader attachments.

The full seven-machine line will offer 25 to 75 horsepower, with rated operating capacities from 1,200 to 5,000 pounds and a variety of ROPS and foldable open ROPS configurations.

The CX42D features what CASE says is the only true zero tail swing design in its class. CASE Construction Equipment

True zero tail swing and electric mini excavators

Two new mini excavator models include the fully electric CX25EV and the CX42D, which CASE says is the only machine in its size class with true zero tail swing design. Both machines feature smooth and responsive controls as well as a focus on ease of use and comfort for operators.

The CX25EV is a 4,828-pound machine that features a 27 hp, 20 kW electric motor running off a lithium-ion battery that can be charged through the onboard 110/220V charger or through rapid charging systems for quick top-ups. CASE says the machine should have enough power for a full eight-hour day of work, with no emissions, lower noise, and reduced maintenance costs.

The CX42D is an anchor machine for CASE’s D Series of excavators and has features like an automotive-style cab for improved comfort and visibility, control adjustability, and a number of other benefits for operator comfort. Standard multifunction hydraulics and second auxiliary hydraulics add attachment capability.

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