Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XX (Illustrated) | Tistalents

Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XX (Illustrated)

Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XX (Illustrated)

Prior to the adoption of the Sistema Central within the Mexican republic, the province of New Mexico was underneath a territorial authorities. The govt was known as Gefe Político (political chief), and theDiputacion Provincial very inefficiently equipped the place of a legislature. Under the current system, nevertheless, New Mexico being a division, the names of those powers have been modified, however their features stay very almost the identical. The Gobernador (governor) is appointed by the President for eight years. The legislative energy is nominally vested in a Junta Departamental, a form of state council, with very circumscribed {226} powers, considerably analogous to, and positively no more in depth than, these of a board of aldermen with us. But even this shadow of fashionable illustration was ‘prorogued’ by Gov. Armijo quickly after his accession to energy (5 or 6 years in the past), and has by no means since been convened; in order that [p022] its features have been arbitrarily exercised by the governor ever since. The administration of the legal guidelines in Northern Mexico constitutes some of the painful options of her establishments. Justice, or slightly judgments, are a typical article of visitors; and the hapless litigant who has not the means to melt the claws of the alcalde with a ‘silver unction,’ is nearly positive to get severely scratched within the contest, it doesn’t matter what could be the justice of his trigger, or the uprightness of his character. It is simple to understand, then, that the poor and the common-or-garden stand no probability in a judicial contest with the rich and consequential, whose affect, even other than their amenities for corrupting the court docket and suborning witnesses, is ample to neutralize any quantity of plebeian testimony that is likely to be introduced in opposition to them. The evil penalties arising from maladministration of justice in New Mexico are most severely felt by foreigners, in opposition to whom a robust prejudice prevails all through the South. Of these, the residents of the United States are by far the mos

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