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Some cool Writing Competition photos:

Big Draw rivals 2015
Writing Competition
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Image from net web page 121 of “Mazes and labyrinths; a general account of their history and developments” (1922)
Writing Competition
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Identifier: mazeslabyrinthsg1922matt
Title: Mazes and labyrinths; a general account of their history and developments
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Matthews, William Henry, 1882-
Subjects: Labyrinths
Publisher: London, New York, etc. Longmans, Green
Contributing Library: Boston College Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
e amuse-ment of the troopers whereas on guard. The pavement wasdestroyed in 1802. It has ceaselessly been acknowledged {{that a}} pavement laby-rinth existed in a church at Aix near Marseilles, butprobably that is due to confusion with the Roman pave-ment already referred to. The solely examples recorded as having existed in Ger-many have been positioned in two church buildings at Cologne, butthese have prolonged since disappeared. In view of the widespread prevalence of these devicesin mediaeval church buildings it might be gorgeous if the ideawere not usually utilised by fashionable architectsf 6$ making an attempt to breed the spirit of the earlier buildings,and in fa<5 this was accomplished inside the case of the prize planssubmitted1 by the English architects Clutton and Burgesfor the Church of Notre-Dame de la Treille at Lille.Burges designed for the nave a Chemin de Jerusalemof an beautiful pattern, the topography of Jerusalembeing based upon the account inside the Ecclesiastical His-tory of the Venerable Bede (V. ch. 16). A terrific fashionable ^v^^

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 57.—Labyrinth in Ely Cathedral. (W. H. M.) occasion, 20 ft. sq., may be seen inside the pavement of ElyCathedral, near the west door (Fig. 57). It was constructedby Sir Gilbert Scott all through his restorations in 1870. Someother fashionable specimens shall be talked about presently. As to the funclion and which suggests of the earlier church laby-rinths, assorted opinions have been held. Some authoritieshave thought that they’ve been merely launched as a 1 These plans, although awarded the prize, have been notadopted, the designs a&ually carried out being some by anative architect who obtained tenth place inside the rivals.66 picture of the perplexities and intricacies which besetthe Christians path. Others thought-about them to typifythe entangling nature of sin or of any deviation from therectilinear path of Christian duty. It has normally been as-serted, though on what proof is simply not clear, that thelarger examples have been used for the effectivity of minia-ture pilgrimages in substitution for the prolonged and tedio

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