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The Best of Brush Country Bull 1977-1980

The Best of Brush Country Bull 1977-1980

A Depression-bred, Texas-style Mark Twain recaptures the life of the Brush Country and the guts of America. The finest articles from the “Brush Country Bull” weekly newspaper column (1977-2005) in The Devine News by Henry B. Briscoe. Henry Briscoe had fairly a life. It started merely on a Depression-era dairy farm close to Devine, Texas, continued at Texas Tech University, after which took a 180-degree flip to the navy. In the Air Force, Henry flew transport planes world wide, commanded a squadron in Vietnam, and assisted the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the Pentagon. But that Devine boyhood had a robust maintain on him-spiny cactus, rattlesnakes, sexy toads and all-so he settled there when his 25-year Air Force profession was over. Soon after his return, Henry organized a deer-hunting contest and wrote an article about it in The Devine News. The city folks beloved it, so he wrote one other. And one other. Thus started “Brush Country Bull,” a folksy column that will run weekly for 27 years and recall, denounce, poke enjoyable, and have a good time fairly actually, EVERYTHING. With a variety as large as Texas, Henry “jawed” about midnight buck searching, dropping bulldozers on an ice island on the North Pole, making deer sausage, supporting the Devine Fire Department, critiquing elected officers, and studying the names of migrating birds. And that is only a sampling. So git you a very good cup of espresso, head on out to that porch swing, and spend a little bit time with Henry.

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