=Zenith= Photo Contest Nov 2016 - (Duchess Flux) Dreamstate | Tistalents

=Zenith= Photo Contest Nov 2016 – (Duchess Flux) Dreamstate

Just a couple of good Photo Contest photos I found:

=Zenith= Photo Contest Nov 2016 – (Duchess Flux) Dreamstate
Photo Contest
Image by Duchess Flux
This pretty corset set by The Mystic (sister line of Zenith) is on the market at this spherical of Enchantment. The corset is out there in numerous colors with this pretty sky shade stealing my coronary coronary heart. The stocking garters are merely pretty and I hope numerous maitreya appliers are made for them on account of they’re uber cute! The metallic embellishments are hud managed and have utterly totally different metallic colors to resolve on. I chosen gold as a result of it …….

Read the rest and seize the small print on Threads & Tuneage

Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest 4 Kai Wirsing
Photo Contest
Image by Kai Wirsing
::GB:: Arhat [email protected] JAPAN
4.::GB:: Arhat jacket / Kurenai
1.::GB:: Arhat Mask RARE
7.::GB:: Zip Lether pants / Black
15.::GB::Arhat Necklace / Light wood

Air_Yasha horns (placed on&contact)[email protected] JAPAN
Air_Yasha (horn A)_red+silver_CM
.Shi : AIRO Geta / Unisex . [email protected] JAPAN
kosmii :: Cyber Wagasa [hex]@Neo JAPAN

.Shi Hair : Eirene / Unisex . [email protected]
::GB:: Fingeless gloves (Signature) BlacK

Ok-tarsis Tattoo: Samurai [email protected] JAPAN


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