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I’ve been learning some superb writings by you. Consider sending me such some objects in Hindi for the Vishva-Vivek. Regards, BhuDev (On #14) I’ve wanted to say this for a really very long time. Since you write so properly, I’m shocked that you don’t enter the Toastmasters International Speech Contest further normally and win! Maybe I’ll present assist to transform just a few of your writings into inspirational speeches! Let me know if ! Narayanan (On #19) It seems you have knack of praising the whole thing Americana by putting Hinduism down. Nobody can miss this bias in your articles. Have you heard about samagams and they also had been what conventions had been sans frills. Wish you’d make your stage with out coming into into pointless diversion. Rahul (On #28) This is, by far, the best of your present articles! Anand Bhatia (On # 38) Your articles are thought – scary. Sometimes, I be taught them twice or thrice to know the deeper ideas embedded. You have a pure experience to specific the ideas and feelings. Soori (On #60) You have had a very eventful life actually, coming in agency with people of unusual expertise. In distinction, I knowingly drifted away from success within the hunt for what I believed was actuality. I did uncover it. But I’ve been going into hardship intentionally and rejected the material world. Subhash (On #76)

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