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My Judo – Volume 2


My Judo Counters & Combinations-Volume 2 depicts the martial art work not solely from a competitor’s standpoint, however moreover from an instructor’s aspect, any martial arts coach could be mad to not keep a reproduction. It religiously follows the teachings of the great architect of Judo, ‘Professor Jigoro Kano’-a grasp who has on a regular basis tried to broaden a Judoka’s education and impressed his faculty college students to make use of their very personal minds to inventing new strikes and counter strikes. In striving to achieve Professor Kano’s targets, one can solely begin to know the true mechanics of the sport of Judo as a self-safety mechanism and, definitely, the creed that underscores this martial art work. In this e book, the creator shares a brief historic previous of Judo and the best way it has become a life-style for him-a passion that he must share with the parents spherical him. As correctly, My Judo Counters & Combinations-Volume 2 targets to elucidate and provide seen examples of Judo Methods which embody strategies-from the intermediate methods of foot and leg reaps, foot sweeps to extreme end hips and most important leg throws, most commanly utilized in MMA as we communicate, adopted by 4-5 counters and combination for each approach. The easy step-by-step photographs will data you via a world not printed sooner than, making it considered one of many ought to volumes to have at residence or on the do-jo Judo is an acquired art work and as quickly as one is expert in its mechanics, it’s going to develop right into a lifetime expertise that will enrich his or her life. Volume 2 is not a beginner’s teaching e book. It could be best used as a training and education handbook designed to go together with one’s look at of the sport of Judo such as a result of the course of sports activities actions educating specialising in martial arts. Most of the strategies confirmed could be utilized in all martial art work type sport paying homage to Judo, placing Jujutsu and full submission no pointers contest. Volume 2 has all the good methods utilized in MMA caged fights, once you examine the technique countering will not ever be the an identical. I personaly have gained almost all my MMA events using this handbook.

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