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The Headmaster’s Confession

The Headmaster’s Confession

Once once more, on my honor, I do solemnly swear that no innocents, underage girls, or Regency rakes had been harmed within the making of this story. Best regards, Laurel BennettPS. This is a really quick erotic story. Not a full size novel.A virgin, a rake, Regency England. pleasure. Our heroine finds herself in bother and despatched to the headmaster’s quarters. Punish her or pleasure her? It’s his option to determine. Excerpt:”She is a disgrace to the school, my lord,” she chirped. She did not even anticipate his lordship to talk. She simply started her diatribe. But he held up a hand to chop her off. He was a person of means. And he did not hesitate to show it. His waistcoat and jacket had been of the best high quality, and I wished very a lot to run my arms over the material. The jacket hugged his broad shoulders, and I discovered myself jealous. How ridiculous. Jealous that his jacket acquired such intimacy? His blond hair was barely over-long. It brushed the highest of his neckcloth and a lock of hair fell throughout his brow.”But sir,” Miss Houghton started. He held up his hand once more, and he or she pursed her lips, as if making a dam to carry again the phrases.”You may go,” he clipped out. Then he dropped right into a chair behind his desk. He regarded a bit… weary.I turned towards the door, my coronary heart hurting just a little on the considered not having my talking-to.”Not you, Miss Winters.” He pointed his quill at Miss Houghton. “You.”But my lord, I have to inform you what she has performed. It’s unseemly. She influences all the opposite ladies. And if she’d not expelled, she’ll break all of them.”He raised his eyebrows at her as he repeated, “You. May. Go.”She huffed for a moment, which reminded me of a peacock I’d once seen as he darted about the yard after a bug. “Wait.” He said. She turned back with glee. He held out his hand. “I’ll have the birch stick.” She placed it in his hand with a disappointed sound. Then quit the room.I turned to him slowly, not quite sure how to address him.”Close the door,” he barked. Close the door? If there was on
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