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Bad Men I: Hard Mike’s New Business Ventures

Bad Men I: Hard Mike’s New Business Ventures

Hard Mike Hamner feared nobody – and he had the crew to again that up. His bookmaking apply did pretty properly, regardless of laborious financial occasions – however the variety of unhealthy money owed from losers hoping to make use of a windfall to dig out was larger than regular. Beating deadbeats up or killing them was considerably satisfying, however did not pay their money owed – so Hard Mike turned his energies to discovering a greater method. Now, it simply so occurred that Mike was engaged on a few new concepts – diversification, if you’ll. One merchandise was the availability of younger, excessive class prostitutes – not underage stuff, that was too scorching to deal with; he wanted to inventory his steady with authorized ladies who LOOKED like they weren’t fairly there but – and had good attitudes. The different enterprise was one thing he’d seen in a video and figured would go over massive dwell – wrestling matches between ladies – matches through which getting bare and nasty along with your opponent scored factors. The betting finish was proper up his alley, and he had a few concepts to make sure that the contests did not get boring for anybody. But he wanted workers for these ventures. So on the one hand, Mike wanted a supply of not essentially Grade ‘A’ female expertise (skinny wrestlers do not reduce it) and on the opposite, he wanted a strategy to set fireplace to the tails of losers with out affecting their potential to exit and get work. Didn’t losers have wives and girlfriends – and daughters? What higher strategy to set a hearth below one than to observe Mama – and even higher, Darling Daughter – take just a few unusual dicks?

Price: $ 4.39
Sold by Rakuten Kobo Canada

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