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EC Zürich-München – End of an Era (History)
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Image by Kecko
Only just a few days runs the EuroCity Zurich-Munich on this formation with locomotive and automobiles. It might be changed from December thirteenth by an ETR 610 tilting practice with the title SBB Astoro.

The EuroCity period was based in 1987. For thirty years the locomotives needed to be modified in Lindau for the journey to Munich. Now the rail line has been electrified. Usually two German 218 diesel locomotives had been used. In the Nineties, the exhaust gases from the locomotives had been an issue as a result of they penetrated the Swiss wagons. As a primary measure, a baggage automobile was added to create a bit distance. The baggage automobile had the nickname „stink automobile“ with the workers. After an exhaust fuel optimization on the 218 sequence locomotives, the luggage automobile was omitted once more. Some of the automobiles had been fitted with filters. But occasionally there have been nonetheless complaints concerning the exhaust gases. If just one diesel locomotive was accessible attributable to a defect, there have been issues with the air con in summer time and with the heating in winter.

It’s truly unbelievable, below what situations the Swiss automobiles that had been designed for an electrified rail community, had been pushed to Munich for all these years. The Re 421 from SBB Cargo don’t have any exterior mirrors. The practice driver has to look exterior in all weathers when departures. Now a brand new age is dawning and a little bit of romance is disappearing. This video was made at St. Margrethen station, the place the practice has a cease of ten minutes earlier than persevering with to Austria. Switzerland, December 8, 2020.

“I’v got sometin’ to say”
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video right here:

in collaboration with Romolo Stanco and Design&Me

All-in YOGA HD
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Image by Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta…

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