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Daughter of the Stars

Daughter of the Stars

Twelve gods and twelve races hold in the steadiness as the Ursa Major, demigod and chief of the werebear individuals, seizes management, throwing a world into disarray. Psi is simply six years away from incomes freedom from her ward when she receives devastating information: she’s being compelled to marry a person she finds repulsive. In her panic, she makes use of magic, summoning a glowing stone that provides her the energy to flee. Aided by Arcos, her anxious werebear boyfriend, Psi is thrust into a dangerous wilderness the place solely her wits and her newfound energy can save her. Little does she know that the stone she’s summoned accommodates the energy of a god and the wrath of the Ursa himself. About the Author: Brynna Campbell lives in North Hollywood together with her boyfriend Richie and a number of other fish. She spends a lot time obsessing over animal trivia, accompanying musical theatre on the piano, taking part in video video games, and cooking the newest Food Network recipes (all in the title of analysis, of course), it is a marvel she will get any writing achieved in any respect. When she’s not engaged in a single of her many hobbies, she is a singer-songwriter, actress, comedy author, and improviser. She has a solo album from her youth entitled “Rough Masters.” She was additionally a winner in Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible” Evil League of Evil video contest for her character, “Princess Zombie.” Website: http://www. brynnacampbell.com Facebook: http://www. fb.com/brynnacampbell Instagram: @brynnacampbell Twitter: @BrynnaCC Email: [email protected]

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